Sim-to-Kart Evolution Project
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Improving on your F1 Sim? 

Why not transition from your F1 simulator to a real kart with our exclusive Sim-to-Kart Evolution Project (SKEP), and improve your race craft even more! Earn a SKEP Token to practice at a Daytona race track and build-up your ProSkill score.

What is a SKEP Token?

If you are putting in fast lap times in the sim, then you can unlock a SKEP Token which can be used towards a Go-Karting practice session (and if you skill-up enough in karting, then compete in a race session!). Put simply, the more you become an ace on the sim, the more you can convert your skills into Go-Karting! But there are some terms and conditions to satisfy before you can claim your free SKEP Token.



How to claim a SKEP Token?

1)  As the Driver claiming a SKEP Token, complete the below form at least 3 working days before your planned Daytona Session. Click here to select your Daytona Session – which must be priced for £75 or less

2)  Ensure you have completed three consecutive Race Events (from the same F1 Simulator Network league / season) in which you finished in Positions of P1 (25 Points), P2 (18 Points) or P3 (15 Points). The Points for your three Race Events must add up to 50 Points or more to qualify for a SKEP Token Claim

NOTE: The F1 Simulator Network will check your inputs with its Race Logs and may request you for proof of the Points awarded to your Race Events

3)  You cannot make multiple claims for a Race Event which has been previously used to redeem a SKEP Token. Be ready to input your three Race Events and their Positions into the below form

NOTE: The F1 Simulator Network will check your claim history and reject your claim if you have submitted a Race Event previously

4)  Fully complete the form and check all inputs are accurate, read the Terms & Conditions, then submit the form

5)  The F1 Simulator Network will email you (within 48 hours after receiving the Claim) to either:

a) Approve your Claim and issue a SKEP Token by booking the requested Daytona Session, and forward to you the Booking Reference email from Daytona Motorsport (which completes your Claim and redeems the SKEP Token), OR

b) Decline your Claim (for which reasons may not be supplied)

Claim your SKEP Token

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