Canadian Grand Prix 2024*
is LIVE here

Sunday 09 June 2024
2 PM (UK Time)
*This Race will NOT broadcast live

Standings & Stages

NOTE: Race Control reserves the right to adjust Results, Standings and Stages, at any time. 
Our Championship

PureUNION F1 Esports Championship, also referred to as PF1, is an exclusive, high-performance Formula One (F1) Esports league which runs in parallel to the Formula One® World Championship. PF1 is a private racing league reserved for qualified F1 Esports Pro and Expert level drivers.

Our F1 24 Esports Cars

Weybridge Racing Formula 1

Visit Weybridge Racing to learn about the WRF1-24-A

Principal Team Car
Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
W15 E Performance 2024

Visit Mercedes-AMG F1 to learn about the W15

Our F1 Esports Platform
Simulation EngineF1SimNet WRF1 v7.24.0528
Simulation SoftwareEA Sports™ Racenet F1® 24
Constructor TeamWeybridge Racing F1
Principal TeamMercedes-AMG Petronas F1

Primary Controls

Base Engine
Fanatec ClubSport DirectDrive+


Pedal Control
Fanatec CSL 2-Pedal Set + Load Cell Brake


Steering Wheel
Fanatec ClubSport Formula V2.5+


Controls Software
Fanatec Driver & Firmwarev455 (MAPF1)
Fanatec Base Enginev2.0.1.4
Fanatec Steering Wheelv47
Fanatec Pedal Controlv1.8
Fanatec Wireless QR2v1.1.0.1 (RC v457)

MAPF1 = ‘Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1’ optimised software and calibration settings 

Controls Configuration

Pedal Force Settings
BRKBrake (Load Cell)50%
Wheel Profile Settings
(‘Edit’ custom SET 1 profile)
FFBForce Feedback44 (6.6 Nm)
NDPNatural Damper40
NFRNatural FrictionOFF
NINNatural InertiaOFF
INTInterpolation Filter11
FEIForce Effect Intensity100
BLIBrake Level IndicatorOFF
SHOShock VibrationON
MPSMulti Position SwitchAUTO
BRFBrake Force50

* SPR has no effect
** DPR is associated with ‘Wheel Damper’ slider in F1 xx settings

Software Configuration

Race StyleExpert
Driving ProficiencyCustom
Steering AssistOff
Braking AssistOff
Anti-Lock BrakesOff
Traction ControlOff
Dynamic Racing LineOff
Dynamic Racing Line TypeN/A
Colourblind Mode (DRL)Off
Hi-Vis Racing LineN/A
Pit AssistOn (Optional)
Pit Release AssistOn (Optional)
ERS AssistOn (Optional)
DRS AssistOn (Optional)
AI Settings
AI Difficulty100
(‘Edit’ custom F1SimNet profile)
Steering Rate100%
Steering Deadzone0
Steering Linearity0
Steering Saturation0
Throttle Deadzone0
Throttle Linearity0
Throttle Saturation0
Brake Deadzone0
Brake Linearity0
Brake Saturation0
Vibration & Force Feedback
(‘Edit’ custom F1SimNet profile)
Vibration & Force FeedbackOn
Vibration & FFB Strength100
On Track Effects80
Rumble Strip Effects95
Off Track Effects80
Pit Stop Effects50
Wheel DamperOff
Maximum Wheel Rotation340°
Simulation Settings
Recovery ModeFlashbacks
Flashback LimitUnlimited
Surface TypeRealistic
Low Fuel ModeOff (Optional)
Race StartsManual
Tyre TemperatureSurface & Carcass
Pit Lane Tyre SimOn
Car DamageStandard (Optional)
Car Damage RateStandard (Optional)
Off for First Lap OnlyDisabled

Configuration Reference

Dashboard / YouTube

W e   p r o u d l y   s u p p o r t   t h e


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